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Comfortable bathrooms for children disabilities

2022 01 14 Views: 239

Have you ever thought how comfortable it is for children with disabilities to move in a wheelchair? Besides how to climb the stairs, if there is not even a railing? Moreover, how can these children wash or just go to a WC without special holders or other auxiliary devices? The “You are an Angel” Charitable Foundation does not want to want to limit the opportunities of children with disabilities.


Apitherapy for orphans

2020 11 05 Views: 650

Apitherapy is one of the inexpensive and effective measures for the comprehensive restoration of health, both in children and adults. Clinical studies show that even a few hours of apitherapy can reveal the full potential of the body's immune system and create the right conditions for self-healing of all human organs. This therapy improves brain function, improves vision and sleep, strengthens and stimulates the immune system.


Christmas together (a permanent project)

2019 10 29 Views: 1550

Christmas is one of the most important family holidays of the year with centuries-old traditions. But there are homeless children with limited parental care and without a reliable adult shoulder. The CF "You are an Angel" traditionally presents fairy tales to children of social institutions and spends three unforgettable Christmas days with them as a good custom.


"House of Angel" - a unique center for children

2019 04 24 Views: 7163

Our "House of Angel" is the further 270 square meters of comfort in the mountains, in an ecologically clean region. At the same time, there will be up to 25 children (orphans, children from crisis families, problem teens and street children, children who have defeated oncology, suffer from cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and others). To begin, we will pick them up on weekends, holidays, and organize winter and summer camps.


Winter vacations for orphans (a permanent project)

2018 09 13 Views: 1058

Winter is the season charming in its own way and preparing many positive emotions for each of us. We meet the whole family near a warm fireplace in winter and celebrate the touching Christmas holiday. We look forward to the gifts from St. Nicholas, Santa Claus in winter. Winter is a joy, a fairy tale, new dreams, and desires, isn’t it?


Unforgettable holidays (a permanent project)

2017 04 07 Views: 1810

Holiday, vacation, summer are simple and clear words to bring a smile and positive emotions every person, regardless of age or type of employment. Unfortunately, our friends have no such emotions, because the majority of them don’t know what’s a rest, summer vacation, nature walks. All their days – are just a routine and colorless behind a solid fence of a public institution.


Let's teach orphans of independence (COMPLETED)

2017 04 07 Views: 1122

Most of us were incredibly fortunate in our childhood, because there have always been people who helped to learn new skills, taught and gave practical advice helped us to grow, to develop, and thus prepared us for adult life. Unconditionally, we speak about our parents. Now we want to present you a very practical project. We know in advance that such projects are "unpopular", but we are 100% sure that the benefit from this "unpopular" project will be enormous.


Playground is a step to childhood dreams come true (COMPLETED)

2016 05 02 Views: 4507

Children from the entire region get treatment in the Ivano-Frankivsk regional children clinical hospital (IFRCCH), and almost 250 children every day visit the medical institution for doctors’ consultation. An active lifestyle helps to maintain the health of a child. Sports and outdoor walks stimulate metabolism and saturate oxygen to brain.


School of a Small Angell (a permanent project)

2016 04 18 Views: 2109

Aim of the project: non-formal educational services providing training, seminars, and master-classes for "children at risk", orphans, social orphans, children from crisis families, troubled teens, children with criminal problems. Target group - "children at risk", orphans, social orphans, children from disadvantage families, troubled teens, children with criminal problems.


Quality and affordable health care for kids (COMPLETED)

2016 04 15 Views: 1588

Adequate blood analysis means a lot in the correct disease diagnostics, so high-quality equipment at the medical facility could save the lives of children. Now we critically need to purchase the analyzer of blood electrolytes concentration for laboratory testing of young patients of Dolyna children's hospital. Every day dozens of young patients arrive to the hospital.


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