Partners and Friends



It is nice to know that there are kind people in this world. Among them, many are sincerely interested in the destinies of children with serious health conditions and we can rely on them.

It is a pleasure to work with them; we believe in them, and we know that they can help. We are grateful to our partners and we bow to them.


Ukrainian Open Association “Zhyty Zavtra” (Live tomorrow)

Charitable Foundation “Spodivaius I viriu” (I hope and believe) Kiev

Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace is Ukraine’s first ever independent nationwide social philanthropic infrastructure. We aim to bring together the people who are in need with those who can support them.

"Univest PrePress"

Cognitive Baby TV
Christian Movement of Ukrainians in Portugal

Сharity community translators

Ukrainian Association of Young Donors

Ivano-Frankivsk online publication
Academic Regional Puppet Theather Mariyka Pidgirianka Ivano-Frankivsk
Country of Angels
Water Park “Pliazh” (Beach) Lviv

Regional Charitable Foundation “Chista Voda Ditiyam” (Clean water to children)

Help Planet
Hosting Ukraine Hosting Ukraine
Centre humanitarian aid - Ukraine
CC "Golden Staff" - holding company which provides management services and human resources development
"Comfort-Service" - the agency recruitment of domestic staff
Care for orphans and homeless children