Charity Foundation "You're an Angel" is an independent, apolitical and non-religious denominations charitable organization. 
We provide free assistance to children becoming hostages of severe illness or being in difficult life circumstances.
Dear parents!
If your child is a patient of Oncology or OncoHematology Department and you are not able for expensive treatment to cope with this problem, our team will do it’s best to help your child to recover!
We need the such information to be able to help you:
1. Your letter with explaining of the situation. You should inform briefly about your child, his/her interests, hobby, preferences, dreams, etc. and any circumstances his/her illness. You should describe situation of your family, financial problems, arising with the illness of a child. Your letter should be sent to the email address of the Foundation -
2. Photocopy of child parents’ (or tutors) passport.
3. A photocopy of child parents’ (or tutors) identification number.
4. Photocopy of child’s birth certificate (passport).
5. A photocopy of the disability certificate (if any).
6. Medical records from hospitals with confirmation of your request.
7. Medicaments (medical consumables) prescriptions with clearly specified quantity and dosage.
8. Photo of the child before and during treatment. Photo should be sent to the email address of the Foundation.
9. Request to the President of the Foundation consideration.
10. Consent to the processing of personal data.
11. The contract for charity care provision of charity care.
The documents in the folder with ties must be submitted to the Foundation.
One of the most important conditions of our cooperation with parents is receiving from them systematic and reliable information about the treatment of the child, health status, health, urgent needs. Such information must be present twice a month. In the event of default, the Foundation will stop provide assistance to the child.
All medications, equipment or consumables Foundation transfers for free. Volunteers and Foundation team also do not require payment
If someone on behalf of the Foundation proposes you pay for assistance or to purchase medicaments at a discount – it means this person can't be a volunteer or employee of the charity Foundation "You're an Angel".
In such cases, please immediately inform us by phone 099-419-59-84. 
Photo of our Foundation volunteers, you can see on our web site.
The decision to grant assistance is made by the administration of the Foundation; it is not discussed or commented upon. The Foundation can to refuse without explanation. Assistance is provided only in a case of appropriate documents presentation.
Dear parents! Draw your attention to the fact that the entire team Foundation “You're an Angel" is working without payment, receiving no financial reward for their efforts, time spent in search of ways to help your child. Please treat with understanding to everything that you may not like.
In case of neglect to the Foundation administration or volunteers, the Foundation can to deny you further assistance.
We invite you to join us to help your child. Only by joint efforts we will be able to take off your baby from the toils of severe disease.
The victory will surely be ours!